Moderation Summary Reports

The alternative certification model developed for 2020 is based on teacher and lecturer estimates, with checks by schools and colleges and moderation by SQA.

Access key summary information on the moderation process and outcomes.

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Moderation Summary Reports
Level Subject
National 5 Accounting
National 5 Administration and IT
National 5 Applications of Mathematics
National 5 Art and Design
National 5 Biology
National 5 Business Management
National 5 Care
National 5 Chemistry
National 5 Chinese languages
National 5 Classical Studies
National 5 Computing Science
National 5 Dance
National 5 Design and Manufacturing
National 5 Drama
National 5 Economics
National 5 Engineering Science
National 5 English
National 5 Enivronmental Science
National 5 ESOL
National 5 Fashion and Textile Technology
National 5 French
National 5 Gaelic (Learners)
National 5 Gàidhlig
National 5 Geography
National 5 German
National 5 Graphic Communication
National 5 Health and Food Technology
National 5 History
National 5 Italian
National 5 Latin
National 5 Mathematics
National 5 Media
National 5 Modern Studies
National 5 Music
National 5 Music Technology
National 5 Philosophy
National 5 Physical Education
National 5 Physics
National 5 Practical Cake Craft
National 5 Practical Cookery
National 5 Practical Electronics
National 5 Practical Metalworking
National 5 Practical Woodworking
National 5 Psychology
National 5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies
National 5 Sociology
National 5 Spanish
National 5 Urdu
Higher Accounting
Higher Administration and IT
Higher Art and Design
Higher Biology
Higher Business Management
Higher Care
Higher Chemistry
Higher Childcare and Development
Higher Chinese languages
Higher Classical Studies
Higher Computing Science
Higher Dance
Higher Design and Manufacture
Higher Drama
Higher Economics
Higher Engineering Science
Higher English
Higher Environmental Science
Higher ESOL
Higher Fashion and Textile Technology
Higher French
Higher Gaelic (Learners)
Higher Gàidhlig
Higher Geography
Higher German
Higher Graphic Communication
Higher Health and Food Technology
Higher History
Higher Human Biology
Higher Italian
Higher Latin
Higher Mathematics
Higher Media
Higher Modern Studies
Higher Music
Higher Music Technology
Higher Philosophy
Higher Photography
Higher Physical Education
Higher Physics
Higher Politics
Higher Psychology
Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies
Higher Sociology
Higher Spanish
Higher Urdu
Advanced Higher Accounting
Advanced Higher Art and Design (Design)
Advanced Higher Art and Design (Expressive)
Advanced Higher Biology
Advanced Higher Business Management
Advanced Higher Chemistry
Advanced Higher Chinese languages
Advanced Higher Classical Studies
Advanced Higher Computing Science
Advanced Higher Design and Manufacture
Advanced Higher Drama
Advanced Higher Economics
Advanced Higher Engineering Science
Advanced Higher English
Advanced Higher French
Advanced Higher Gaelic (Learners)
Advanced Higher German
Advanced Higher Gàidhlig
Advanced Higher Geography
Advanced Higher Graphic Communication
Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology
Advanced Higher History
Advanced Higher Italian
Advanced Higher Latin
Advanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics
Advanced Higher Mathematics
Advanced Higher Modern Studies
Advanced Higher Music
Advanced Higher Music: Portfolio
Advanced Higher Physical Education
Advanced Higher Music Technology
Advanced Higher Physics
Advanced Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies
Advanced Higher Spanish
Advanced Higher Statistics