SQA responds to the Scottish Government's statement on education reform

Wednesday 9 March 2022

In response to the Scottish Government’s statement on education reform, David Middleton, SQA Chair says,

'Today’s announcement is an important one which provides some clarity on the way forward for our staff and our customers. However, it is extremely disappointing that details were leaked online before SQA staff were afforded the courtesy of being the first to hear this important news about their future. 

'We are pleased that the announcement recognises the strength and coherence in our broad range of functions and that much of these will stay together in a new qualifications body.

'We are disappointed in some aspects of Professor Muir’s report, particularly the recommendation that accreditation should be removed since it already operates independently of our awarding function. We are pleased that the Scottish Government recognises that further consideration of this issue is needed.  

'Our job now is to continue to deliver for learners, schools, colleges and our other customers while working with others to ensure a smooth transition to the new body. We also recognise that this announcement brings significant opportunities for change and for ensuring learners, teachers and lecturers are at the heart of the education system.'