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ISSEE logoISSEE is a world-class leader providing explosives and security consultancy and advisory services to national and international defence, police and commercial organisations.

Academic and proven vocational standard setting is what sets the business apart, positioning the company as first choice for homeland security solutions. Organisations choose ISSEE for their accredited, reliable and trusted solutions to counter terrorism, in order to improve security, protect infrastructure and manage explosives and ammunition safely.

ISSEE’s services cover the full spectrum from consultancy and training for security and counter terrorism at the national level, through to the safe, compliant management and disposal of munitions and explosives for defence and commercial companies. Clients include national and international agencies, government ministries, defence and security equipment manufacturers, commercial security companies, oil and gas industries, NGOs and charities.

The business has won worldwide recognition for the quality and range of their training in security and counter terrorism, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and explosives safety management (ESM).

SQA’s Credit Rating service

SQA’s Credit Rating service helps organisations in the public, private and third sectors achieve recognition and value from their in-house training programmes by helping position them on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). SQA qualifications have been an integral step for ISSEE to become an academically-accredited organisation.

ISSEE aims to be the world’s leading provider of academically-accredited counter terrorism, explosives and security training, and the company’s reputation in this area is enhanced significantly through the quality and rigour provided by SQA’s Credit Rating service.

SQA started working with ISSEE in September 2018, when they placed Explosives Safety Management and Security training courses (Awards in Explosives Foundation Studies and in Explosives Storage Management) on the SCQF framework, formally allocating SCQF levels and credits to these qualifications. To date, SQA has credit-rated over 360 learning programmes/qualifications.

ISSEE worker wearing protective clothing

Raising standards

In addition to being measured against the National Occupational Standards for Explosive Substances and Articles, students successfully completing ISSEE’s training courses are assessed for awards that are credit-rated by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

At present 15 of ISSEE’s courses have been credit-rated by SQA, with plans for further training suites to join the list soon. The current range includes core programmes such as the Explosive Ordnance Disposal series (culminating with EOD level 3, credit rated at level 7 with 13 credit points) and the awards in Explosives Foundation Studies and Explosives Storage Management (credit rated at level 4, with 4 credit points). It also covers advanced courses such as the Diploma in Applied Explosives & Munitions Technology (at level 8 with 85 credit points).

Attaining qualifications in the explosives industry enables students and clients to gain recognition for their competencies in the field, giving them the certifications needed to work towards professional registration.

ISSEE’s strong reputation as a leading training provider is further enhanced by having this training credit-rated by SQA. Combining ISSEE’s world-wide reputation with SQA’s rigorous and robust credit rating process delivers an unparalleled service to our customers’ safety and operational needs.

Gordon Storey, ISSEE’s CEO

ISSEE courses

Full list of ISSEE courses credit-rated by the SCQF:
Course Credit points
Diploma in Explosive & Munitions Technology 85
Diploma in Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) 16
Certificate in Explosives & Munitions (Storage & Transport) 15
Certificate in Explosives & Munitions (Maintenance & Processing) 16
Diploma in Explosives & Munitions (Disposal)  16
Diploma in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD Level 3)  13
Certificate in Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) 16
Diploma in Search (High Risk) 13
Certificate in Explosives & Munitions (Technology Pt 2) 26
Certificate in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD Level 2) 11
Certificate in Counter Terrorist Search 13
Certificate in Explosives & Munitions Technology (Pt1)  12
Certificate in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD Level 1)  11
Certificate in Post Blast Scene Management (PBSM)  8
Award in Explosives Foundation Studies 4
Award in Explosive Storage Management 4

Future plans

ISSEE continues to work with SQA, currently working on adding a further two courses to the SCQF framework in late 2019–early 2020: Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) and Explosive Storage & Area Management (ESAM). The business is also working with the Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE) to endorse and further highlight the high academic quality of its training courses. Ultimately, ISSEE aims to empower its students and clients through its certified training courses by providing a route towards higher qualifications, including degree and leadership programmes.

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