LCCI Global Qualifications

Supporting the journey towards internationalisation

LCCI Global Qualifications is a training and certification company, offering a variety of qualifications primarily in soft skills, management, hospitality and culinary arts. Established in 2009, LCCI Global Qualifications has trained more than 12,000 students and currently delivers qualifications from 17 training sites across Nepal. They also received the SQA Star Award in 2015 for the International Centre category and were Highly Commended in 2016.

LCCI Global Qualifications continue to help thousands of candidates in Nepal to enhance their business and life skills, preparing them for success in a competitive and prosperous world.


LCCI Global Qualifications offer a range of international, customised and local training programmes designed to help their students gain the critical skills they will require to realise their ambitions. For example, soft skills help students improve their personal, communication, and problem solving skills, as well as supporting them with career decisions and getting to know what employers expect from them.

Other qualifications, including hospitality and culinary arts have an added component in which students can get hands-on industry experience through internships. This ensures that by the time the student has graduated they are prepared and ready to enter into employment.

Some LCCI programmes are backed by articulation arrangements with various universities across Europe, UK, Malaysia, and Australia. Students have the option to do a bachelor’s degree, after their diploma, using the credit transfer with partner universities. This allows them the opportunity to continue their studies in Nepal, or in another country.

Left to right: Umesh Bhatta, Rosi Karki, Jeevan Adhikari, Navin Rai, Shradha Rai

The challenge

While LCCI Global Qualifications were successfully delivering their own qualifications, these were not recognised internationally. In an increasingly global economy, it became clear that international recognition was an essential next step to enhance the suitability of the qualifications. As a result, LCCI Global Qualifications started to look for a tie in with an international awarding body

Why SQA?

LCCI Global Qualifications were looking for a partner with the experience and expertise to complement their own vision.

With over 100 years’ experience of quality assurance and developing qualifications, SQA quickly emerged as an ideal partner. Their professionalism and understanding was backed by Scotland’s reputation for having one of the oldest and most highly regarded education systems. SQA’s willingness to work with LCCI Global Qualifications to develop a system adapted to their particular requirements was especially welcome.

We didn’t want to merely import qualifications from an awarding body. It was important that our qualifications were jointly certificated and SQA allowed us to do this.


One of the key benefits to come from the partnership has been the quality and rigour SQA have brought to the process.

Because they are a government awarding body, SQA are very strict on making sure that the quality is not compromised in any way, the paperwork is completed and the process is followed. They have ensured that LCCI Global Qualifications’ own high standards are maintained.

As a result of this focus on quality, the market has accepted and recognised the qualifications, students are proud to achieve them, and teachers enjoy delivering them.

SQA has met our expectations in terms of support, building awareness and qualification development. I would endorse SQA to all prospective centres, if they are serious about delivering quality education.

The journey to approval

The entire process was very structured — from initial discussion to verification to approval. There were two main parts to it: the systems approval and the qualifications approval process. SQA is very successful at making sure that it doesn’t just sell qualifications.


This partnership with SQA has allowed LCCI Global Qualifications to ‘internationalise’, meaning they can now offer internationally certified and recognised qualifications that are on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). LCCI Global Qualifications will continue to work with SQA, offering skills based and practical courses, which allow students to get real hands-on experience and provide opportunities for future progression.

We immensely value our relationship with SQA, and we will continue to embark on our journey of growth hand-in-hand with SQA.