PDA Introduction to Tutoring English to Speakers of Other Languages SCQF level 6

The PDA: Introduction to Tutoring ESOL (ITESOL) at SCQF level 6 (G91E 46) provides practical, flexible and accessible ESOL tutor training. This qualification will develop your knowledge of the English language and provide you with skills to apply this knowledge when tutoring ESOL learners. The primary focus is on adult ESOL learning.

This qualification is highly practical. It provides opportunities to develop your own knowledge about the English language and how it works, observe experienced ESOL practitioners and to work with ESOL learners, while being supported by an experienced tutor. Assessment combines practical tutoring assignments, which are submitted through a Tutoring Portfolio, with written/ oral accounts and a closed-book language test.

The PDA: ITESOL at SCQF level 6 gives an introduction to the field of ESOL delivery. It provides a progression route to the PDA in Applied Practitioner Studies in TESOL at SCQF level 10 and can facilitate access to other initial teaching qualifications in this field. 

  • GC3D 50 PDA in Applied Practitioner Studies in TESOL SCQF level 10

The qualification consists of two Units:

  • F43X 33 Language and Learning in ESOL
  • F43W 33 Developing ESOL Tutoring Skills

Both Units are mandatory and, together, they will give you 16 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 6.

Language and Learning in ESOL has a learner-centred (social practice) approach. You will find out about the diversity of ESOL learners and learning, and develop your knowledge of the structure of English. You will investigate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and explore the significance of appropriate language selection within ESOL tutoring.

Developing ESOL Tutoring Skills focuses on the cycle of planning, delivering and reviewing in an ESOL tutoring context. You will undertake observation of ESOL delivery, plan ESOL tutoring sessions, select appropriate materials and design tasks, deliver tutoring sessions, and review these sessions. The core skill of Problem Solving at SCQF level 6 is embedded within this Unit.

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