The Royal Navy School of Seamanship

Recognised Training for Royal Navy personnel

The Royal Navy School of Seamanship provides training for seaman specialists and seamanship safety training to all new entry recruits for a career in the Royal Navy.

They deliver the following SQA courses to train personnel joining the Royal Fleet Auxiliary as Deck Ratings:

Underpinning knowledge and shore-based elements of the courses are delivered at the Royal Navy School of Seamanship, using:

Once they’ve completed their shore-based training, the learners go to sea for four months on a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel accompanied by a mentor. While onboard they will complete the majority of practical tasks, using the Merchant Navy Training Board’s (MNTB) task book.

Changing awarding body to SQA

Graham Gardiner, Training and Delivery Team Manager JP at the Royal Navy School of Seamanship, part of Defence Training Team Fisher, shares why they chose to change awarding body to SQA and how they found the transition:

'The previous awarding body we used withdrew from supporting Maritime qualifications, and no other awarding body in England was offering Maritime Qualifications. We approached SQA because SQA is the Maritime Skills Alliance's preferred awarding body, and they recommended SQA as the lead for Maritime qualifications.'

'Once the operating agreement was approved, the transition from the previous awarding body to SQA was seamless. The support we received while setting up the scheme was first class and allowed us to continue the programme with no impact to the candidates.'

Working with SQA

Graham also shared why they continue to work with SQA. He said: 

'A high level of support continues. SQA’s Business Development Regional Managers are an invaluable source of advice and support. All new policies and procedures are promulgated early, and verification criteria are made available to assist with visits. All this has made us into an incredibly efficient and effective centre, with both systems and qualification verification showing high confidence and ultimately allowing the candidates to complete their apprenticeship.'

Next steps

The Seamanship training unit’s aspiration is to increase throughput and eventually, subject to appetite, to include Royal Navy Seaman in the Maritime Studies apprenticeship.