SQA announces trial giving learners access to marked exam papers

Wednesday 22 May 2024

SQA today (Wednesday 22 May) announces that thousands of learners will be able to get access to some of their marked exam papers from their schools and colleges from Results Day on Tuesday 6 August.

The Scotland-wide trial, involving five subjects, is part of SQA’s commitment to put learners at the heart of everything it does. It will help learners decide whether to appeal their results and help them and their teachers understand where they need to strengthen their learning.

Following a successful limited trial in 2023 with a small group of schools across two subject areas, this year’s expanded trial will be available to all schools and colleges and provide access to marked exam papers in five subject areas:

SQA Chief Executive and Scotland’s Chief Examining Officer, Fiona Robertson says, “This is a significant step in expanding the services we offer Scotland’s learners. We are committed to being fully transparent and open with our assessment processes, and to transforming how we work as we move towards the creation of a new qualifications body.

“Schools and colleges will be able to access their learners’ marked exam papers in the five trial subjects and may use the information to inform discussions on appeals and next steps in learning and teaching. The trial aims to help pupils and students better understand the marking process and where their strengths and areas for improvement are.

“We thank those schools who worked with us last year and provided valuable feedback that has helped us to expand the trial for 2024. We have also engaged with teacher, learner and parent/carer representatives on this year’s trial, and with our partners across the education community.

“The feedback we receive from the trial will inform our future development of this service.”

SQA has used feedback from the trial in 2023 to help progress and develop this year’s trial and has engaged with teacher, learner, and parent/carer representatives on its National Qualifications Group, including teaching unions and professional associations.

The trial will open on Tuesday 6 August, and will operate until the end of September. SQA will provide further information and guidance for schools, colleges, learners, parents and carers in June.