SQA welcomes Education (Scotland) Bill as a 'catalyst for change'

5 June 2024

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) today welcomes the publication of the Education (Scotland) Bill as a ‘catalyst for change’. 

The Scottish Government published the Education (Scotland) Bill this morning.

Chief Executive Fiona Robertson, who is also Scotland’s Chief Examining Officer, says; “Today’s legislation marks an important milestone. 

“It not only reassures the wider education community that change is coming, it provides clarity that will enable SQA to accelerate our programme of improvements, innovations, and partnership building. 

"That programme is already delivering positive change across our organisation, improving how we serve Scotland’s learners and educators, and helping build strong foundations for Qualifications Scotland. 

“I also wish to thank colleagues across SQA. They have continued to deliver for learners during a period of some uncertainty. We remain committed to delivering now and building for the future.”

Shirley Rogers was appointed as Chair of SQA in December 2023 and, subject to parliamentary approval, will assume that same role within Qualifications Scotland.

Ms Rogers said: “Today’s announcement marks a significant step forward on the road to a new qualifications body and provides a real catalyst for change. Our organisation is already looking to that future and progressing towards it.

“We will continue to work with and for learners, parents and carers, as well as our hard-working teachers and lecturers across Scotland’s schools and colleges, to make sure that we seize this generational opportunity. Our future success is fundamentally dependent on how we work in partnership across those communities, and with our trade unions and staff. We are absolutely committed to that collaborative approach.”