Our qualifications

National Qualifications

A range of qualifications tailored to the needs of young people. Qualifications emphasise knowledge building and problem solving that's not confined to the classroom. 

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Professional Development Awards (PDAs)

PDAs are aimed at developing the skills of those already in professional employment. They are quick, cost effective and ideal for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs)

SVQs provide a framework for focused, on-the-job training and development. They are based on national standards of performance and developed by representatives from industry and commerce.

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Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Higher National Diplomas (HND)

HNCs and HNDs are credible, flexible vocational qualifications, designed to deliver the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of businesses. They focus on practical skills and their application in the workplace.

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Skills for work courses

These qualifications encourage young people to become familiar with the world of work, provide practical experience to specific careers and develop key life skills.

Skills for work courses

National Certificates (NC) and National Progression Awards (NPAs)

Providing a gateway into work on a particular career path, NPAs and NC's' can help learners progress on to the next stage at college or university.

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International Vocational Awards (IVAs)

Specifically for the international market, the Oil and Gas industry, Police Management and Criminal Intelligence, IVAs can be formed from existing SQA qualifications or tailored to suit specific needs, either as a hybrid or a new qualification.

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Qualifications for England and Wales (QCF)

The QCF is the nationally recognised system designed to provide an accessible, flexible and simple unit and qualifications framework in England and Wales. 

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Customised Awards

We also offer specially designed vocational qualifications at any level to meet an organisation’s needs for skills and expertise.

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More about the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).