PDA Renewable Energy Systems SCQF level 8

This new Professional Development Award (PDA) in Renewable Energy Systems is a qualification at SCQF Level 8 for people who want to extend or broaden their skills in this vital and growing area.

The award has been designed to provide candidates with knowledge and understanding of current and future trends in energy production, sustainability and energy conservation issues and the role that renewable energy systems technologies may play in meeting energy demands and in limiting global environmental damage. The PDA will also allow candidates to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the physics and engineering of many renewable energy systems technologies so they can make accurate, valid comparisons between renewable technologies when solving energy related problems.

Candidates will also be able to specialise in more depth in at least two specialist areas of renewable energy systems by studying from optional Units in Biomass, Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectricity, Microgeneration, Solar, Wave and Tidal Power or Wind Power. This PDA is embedded within the HND Engineering Systems award.

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