Latest News

  • 2021 Appeals Service announced

    The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) today announces a free appeals service, available directly to learners for the first time, covering this year's National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher qualifications.

  • Our focus remains on helping our young people to succeed

    With the publication of the new appeals process which, for the first time, gives students the right to appeal directly - and for free - to the Scottish Qualifications Authority, our Chief Executive and Scotland's Chief Examiner, Fiona Robertson reflects on this exceptional year in Scottish education.

  • Contingency arrangement for incomplete evidence for graded National Courses in 2021

    A contingency arrangement for centres to submit provisional results by noon on 3 September 2021. This arrangement will apply if learners have not been able to complete all the required assessment by 25 June.  

  • National Qualifications 2021 - Important message from organisations working across Scottish education

    The National Qualifications 2021 Group developed the Alternative Certification Model (ACM) and has continued to revise it in light of the  second period of lockdown and remote learning. We want to reassure students that everyone in Scottish education is working hard on their behalf to ensure that the ACM allows learners to achieve fair and credible grades, with every step possible being taken to ensure young people's wellbeing is protected through the process.  

  • National Qualifications 2021 Group - Disruption to Learning

    Further to its latest update published on Tuesday 13 April 2021, the National Qualifications 2021 Group* is acutely aware that the extended lockdown between January and March has created a truncated window for the production of evidence to support professional judgement around provisional grades. In some instances, this challenge may be compounded by individual learners being required to self-isolate during the post-Easter period.