Support materials

Range of materials developed to support the delivery and assessment of Core Skills including examples of types of activities that could be used, learner work mapped to Core Skills Units and SCQF level.

Qualification Verification Summary Reports

Qualification Verification Summary Reports were previously known as Internal Assessment Reports.

Assessment Support Packs and exemplar materials

There are Assessment Support Packs (ASPs) available for each individual Core Skills unit. The NQ Core Skills units and the Workplace Assessed Core Skills units each have their own different ASPs. For the NQ units there are also exemplar assessment packs available on our secure website.

Exemplar materials for Core Skills Units in Communication, Speaking and Listening requirements (SCQF levels 3-6).

These materials contain:

Available at:

Prior Verification

Centres may devise their own assessment materials or significantly change SQA assessment materials to suit their particular local/learner needs.

Prior verification is carried out by an SQA Verifier who compares the assessment materials against the Core Skills units to determine whether they meet the required standards. Should you wish to have materials prior verified, please contact the Qualification Approval and Verification team, on 0345 213 5928, or e-mail:

Reasonable Adjustments allowed for the Core Skills Communication units

The NQ Core Skills Communication units are included in SQA's response to Section 96(7) of the Equality Act 2010, which gives SQA the power to publish details of reasonable adjustments that may or may not be allowed within its qualifications. The Core Skills Communication units are specifically mentioned as part of Specification 6 , where it states that:

“In order to minimise disadvantage, disabled candidates who are unable to decode written text are allowed to have a human reader or screen reader to enable them to demonstrate their ability to meet the assessment objectives of understanding, analysing and evaluating a piece of writing. Similarly, in the case of writing, disabled candidates who are unable to write, are allowed to have a human scribe or to use speech-recognition software to enable them to demonstrate their ability to meet the assessment objective of composing a piece of writing which is appropriate for purpose and audience.
Deaf candidates who are unable to speak and/or listen are allowed to use British Sign Language, Sign Supported English (SSE), lip speakers or any other appropriate augmentative and alternative communication to demonstrate their ability to respond and express themselves appropriately.”

Further details regarding Section 96(7) of the Equality Act 2010 

Guide to Assessing Workplace Core Skills

Guide to Assessing Workplace Core Skills (624 KB) - helps centres understand how to assess Workplace Core Skills.

Useful Learning and Teaching Resources

There are several websites that contain learning and teaching resources that could provide help to those looking for material to support the delivery of Core Skills. Some of these materials are free while others you may need to pay for.

The following links are given as examples of the resources that are available. However, it should be noted that although these links are included here, from the SQA website, it should not be implied that SQA endorses the use of one learning and teaching resource or resource provider ahead of any other.

BBC Skillswise

BBC Skillswise offers free materials for adult learners including Communication and Numeracy topics

Khan Academy

Khan Academy allows free access to a number of short videos and computer marked practice questions including topics relating to Numeracy (see 'Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra section).

iTunes U

iTunes U contains a huge range of free and paid for content across all sorts of subjects.


Ushare brings you links to open learning resources that have been recommended by lecturers, teachers, training providers and learners that support SQA's qualifications.