SVQ Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons SCQF level 7 - GL7P 23

This group award has been replaced.

It entered its lapsing period on: 31/01/2021.

It finishes on:  31/01/2025 (GL7P 23).

The Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons allow candidates to demonstrate competence in job-related skills in their particular area of work and expertise.

Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons is available at SVQ level 3.

The SVQ 3 Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons at SCQF level 7 covers loading oil and liquefied gas into tankers and storage tanks, gas compression, gas fractionation, NGL system, gas treatment, gas and liquid inlet facilities, water treatment, vent and flare system, pigging/sphering operations, crude oil stabilisation, and well products separation.

SVQs are based on National Occupational Standards (NOS). SQA works in partnership with other organisations to ensure that NOS are relevant to the current and future needs of industries.

These qualifications are available through employers and training providers. 

Why deliver this qualification

Learners will gain an internationally recognised qualification which guarantees that they have the skills, knowledge and abilities required to carry out their role successfully. Employers will also benefit from their employees being proficient.

As assessment is carried out in the workplace this minimises any time learners would need to be away from their work.

The SVQ can be offered in any of the following modes:

  • full-time
  • part-time (eg day-release)
  • open and distance learning

Who does this qualification suit

The SVQs in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons are designed for people working, or intending to work, in a number of areas in the oil and gas extraction industry, including production operations and multi-tasking operations.

Level 3 has been produced in two formats:

  • Level 3 SVQ in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons is designed for experienced process operators/technicians who work mostly as 'outside operators'.
  • Level 3 SVQ in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons (Control Room) is aimed at experienced process operators working mostly in a control room.

Each level is related to candidates' work, recognising their skills and achievements and providing well structured opportunities to improve skills and career prospects whilst improving job satisfaction.


Entry is at the discretion of the centre.

Candidates should be in a job or placement where they are carrying out relevant tasks and responsibilities which allow then to gather the required evidence.


These SVQs open up the possibility of continued study, with candidates progressing to higher level SVQs in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons.

Completion of the SVQs in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons could also provide more employment opportunities and career prospects.


The Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons SVQs are part of a Qualification Partnership Agreement.

Centres interested in offering this qualification require to come forward for approval and should contact SQA's Business Development Team for guidance.

Assessors and verifiers must be able to meet SQA's general requirements for technical/occupational competence as outlined in the Systems and Qualification Approval Guide.

How to assess

For general information on how to assess this qualification, please refer to the document Guidance on how to assess SVQs. For detailed guidance on how to assess this particular SVQ, please refer to the assessment strategy.

Where can you take this course?

Qualification content and delivery tools

Information about the qualification(s)

Qualification Structure


The SVQ 3 Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons consists of eight units. Candidates must complete five units from Group A and an additional three units from Group A or Group B.

Group award code: GL7P 23

For details of the units making up the SVQ, please refer to the qualification structure.

Core Skills signposting

Core Skill mappings are carried out by the SSC responsible for the development of an SVQ. It is a requirement of SQA Accreditation that every SVQ submission includes information on where possible opportunities for candidates to develop Core Skills exist across the mandatory units.

Centres should note that mappings are not audited or validated against the Core Skills framework/units so are not accepted by SQA awarding body as evidence towards achievement of the Core Skills units.

Awarding partnership arrangements

The SVQs in Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons are jointly awarded with OPITO.

Modern Apprenticeships

SQA also offers the following components of this Apprenticeship:

  • GL6E 22 SVQ 2 Performing Engineering Operations
  • GD0J 23 SVQ 3 Process Engineering Maintenance (Instrument and Control)
  • GD0G 23 SVQ 3 Process Engineering Maintenance (Electrical)
  • GD0H 23 SVQ 3 Process Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical)
  • G9CC 46 National Certificate in Engineering Systems
  • G9AF 46 National Certificate in Electrical Engineering
  • G97J 46 National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  • G7TA 15 HNC Electrical Engineering
  • G840 15 HNC Mechanical Engineering
  • G88N 15 HNC Measurement and Control Engineering
  • G7E8 15 HNC Electronics
  • G9K5 15 HNC Petroleum Process Technology, Operations and Control
Unit Title SCQF 5
Core Skills: Communication F427 04
Core Skills: Numeracy F42B 04
Core Skills: Information and Communication Technology F42F 04
Core Skills: Problem Solving F42K 04
Core Skills: Working with Others F42P 04

Information about delivery, assessment, quality assurance and support material

Assessment strategy

Assessor's guidelines

SVQ 3 Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons
Group award code: GL7P 23

SVQ 1 Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons  - Group award code: G8LY 21
SVQ 3 Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons  - Group award code: G8M8 23

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