NC (National Certificate) Wellness Therapies

NC (National Certificate) Wellness Therapies

This NPA is the only Wellness Therapies National Progression Award at SCQF level 5 offered by an Awarding Organisation. The NPA comprises of 7 mandatory Units, 7 optional units all at SCQF level 6. This qualification provides candidates with a broad understanding and knowledge across of range of Wellbeing Therapies such as massage, healthy eating and benefits of Wellbeing Therapies.

This NPA is suitable for a wide range of candidates from school leavers to adult learners who wish to gain entry into the beauty industry. It also allows for straightforward progression to further study in HNC/D Holistic Therapies SCQF Level 7/8.

Assessment is made up of both written assignments and practical performance supported by assessor.

Why deliver this qualification

The main objectives of the qualification are to develop understanding and basic skills in the areas of Wellness Therapies. The qualification structure has been devised so that candidates will receive a broad education in Wellness Therapies and this is reflected in the qualification title.  Candidates will also have an opportunity to undertake a range of specialist units.

Candidates completing the Group Award could also be given the additional opportunity for individualised learning programmes tailored to their specific performance skills.  A proportion of the teaching and learning activities will include Options for self-directed study.

No other Awarding Organisation is offering a National Progression Award at SCQF Level 6 Wellness Therapies.  Assessment support packs are developed to exemplify the Award.

  • Assessment Support Packs (ASP) provided for most Units
  • Flexible delivery
  • Integration of assessment across Outcomes and Units
  • Links to National Occupational Standards
  • Provide a common foundation of skills for all candidates through 7 common
  • mandatory units
  • Ensure that candidates can develop techniques in key skill areas which     underpin further training and study;
  • Provide opportunities through “Anatomy and Physiology” and “First Aid” units to combine a range of skills developed in the qualification;
  • Ensure that candidates have an understanding of, and build expertise in, Wellness industry methods;
  • Allow individual colleges the flexibility to provide tailored programmes;
  • Provide candidates with a range of options which will allow them to specialise in key disciplines and/or develop specialist skills;
  • Provide a range of progression routes to employment and/or further study.

Who does this qualification suit

This award is suitable for a wide range of candidates and is suitable for: Post 16 School leavers; Adult returners who wish to gain entry into the Beauty industry; individuals who wish to gain an introduction to Wellness Therapies, candidates who wish to progress onto further awards but do not meet the entry requirements and Iindividuals who have skills and experience in Wellness Therapies and who wish to gain a formal qualification.


Access to this award is at the discretion of the centre.

Each unit of the award states that entry is at the discretion of the centre, however, it should be noted that some of these units can be delivered holistically e.g.  DN6C 33 Body Massage and F6XE 12 Scalp neck and shoulder Massage  This may assist centres in creating a logical timetable for delivering the Units which facilitate candidates to build the required knowledge and skills. The units are designed to encourage candidates to take responsibility for their own learning and work to specifications.




This qualification provides clear progression routes to other Holistic Therapy qualifications and provides relevant exit skills to enable a smooth transition to HNC/D Holistic Therapies SCQF Level 7/8.


Approval was given in July 2011. External verification would be by an experienced external verifier.

How to assess

Closed/Open book written assignments and practical performance supported by assessor observation checklists. 
Assessment Support Packs are available, for a number of the Units within this award.  If a centre designs its own assessments, these should be of a comparable standard.

Qualification content and delivery tools

Qualification structure

Group Award Code: GD2846

SCQF/QCF level: 6

NC Wellness Therapies SCQF level 6 (276 KB)

The qualification comprises 7 Mandatory Units, (9 credits), and 3 Credits from the Optional Units

National Units at SCQF levels 1 – 6 comprise 40 hours guided learning and 20 hours self-directed learning. This means that the units in these frameworks have 6 SCQF credit points.  One SCQF credit point represents a notional 10 learning hours. Credit points indicate the volume of learning required to achieve a qualification.

Centres should note that this group award comprises 76 SCQF credit points

The structure of the award:

Unit title Code SQA credit points SCQF level SQA Credit value
Mandatory Units
Body Massage DN6C33 16 6 2
Wellness Therapies: First Aid in the Salon FR0A12 6 6 1
Wellness Therapies: Body Structures and Benefits of Treatments FT9212 12 6 2
Healthy Eating and Wellbeing FR0C12 6 6 1
Wellness Therapies: Managing Stress FR0D12 6 6 1
Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage F6XE12 6 6 1
Wellness Therapies: An Investigation FR0E12 6 6 1
Optional Units
On-Site Acupressure Massage FR0F12 6 6 1
Wellness Therapies: Facial Massage FR0L12 12 6 2
Thai Foot massage FR0J12 6 6 1
Wellness Therapies: Natural Products FR0K12 6 6 1
Ear Candle and Facial Sinus Drainage Treatments FR0M12 6 6 1
Reiki 1 FR0N12 6 6 1
Wellness Therapies: Crystal Therapy FR0P12 12 6 2