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Quality assurance

Our quality assurance supports centres at all stages in the delivery of our qualifications.

Quality assurance criteria 2015-18

I'm delivering SQA Advanced Qualifications, HNCs, HNDs, SVQs and other qualifications.

I'm a school or college delivering National Qualifications

Quality Enhancement Managers (QEMs) monitor approved centres to make sure our quality assurance criteria is maintained.


Verification is another quality assurance measure to confirm:

Ensuring our certification is credible and that all candidates are being assessed to a common standard.

Internal verification

Centres are responsible for their internal verification.This means that centres have a system of quality checks in place. Staff members responsible for the assessment of candidates and/or internal verification of candidate material should:

External verification

For consistency in assessment decisions, we appoint teachers/lecturers who have good, recent experience in the delivery and assessment of their subject to carry out external verification in centres. We notify the SQA co-ordinator if your centre has been selected for verification.

Verification is a valuable quality improvement tool.

Devolved authority and auditing

We use auditing to determine if a centre is ready for devolved responsibility for some of our processes.

Quality Frameworks: a guide for centres.

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