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Validation is the quality assurance process SQA uses to ensure all new and revised qualifications are valid, credible and fit for purpose. It is sometimes referred to as subject validation.

With the exception of Graded Units, all other Units making up a Group Award are validated through a series of quality checks prior to the validation of the Group Award. Graded Units relate to the principal aims of the Group Award so their validation is addressed as part of the Group Award validation.

Group Award validation focuses on the justification for, and coherence and technical specification of a proposed qualification but also checks the proposal against a set of criteria (30 KB) designed to ensure that SQA provision is fit for purpose.

Group Awards are validated by a panel of subject experts who are independent of the Qualification Design Team (QDT).

Reminder: Centres with Devolved Authority

As we said at the beginning of this document, these guidelines apply where SQA manages the validation process, ie where a centre does not have devolved authority for the validation of SQA qualifications. Centres with devolved authority for the validation of Group Awards have full responsibility for validation using their own systems. You may choose to follow these guidelines, or to use guidelines of your own.