SQA's annual portfolio clear up

Unit withdrawal

To ensure SQA maintains a catalogue of Units that are fit for purpose, an annual portfolio review is undertaken to identify Units which:



A spreadsheet detailing Units which SQA intend to withdraw in the spring of the following year is uploaded to the relevant homepage for centres to review.

Where a Unit listed in a spreadsheet has been identified as being suitable for inclusion in a new development, or there is demand for it as a freestanding Unit, the Unit can be retained. However, if these Units are in an old Unit specification, they must be updated to the current Unit specification. QDTs should consider whether a Unit over 5 years old which has had no uptake for 2 years or more is still fit for purpose.

Requests to retain and/or re-instate Units will be considered where there is clear evidence of demand. Requests should be e-mailed to the QPM Team. If you would like to make a request, please let us know by the end of March.

If the withdrawal of these Units will cause you any problems, please contact QPM as soon as possible.