The purpose of this toolkit is to provide you with:

These guidelines apply where SQA manages the validation process - ie where a centre does not have devolved authority for the validation of SQA qualifications. Centres with devolved authority for the validation of Group Awards have full responsibility for validation using their own systems, although you may use the guidance and tools provided in this toolkit.

However, SQA seeks to ensure good planning, best use of resources, avoidance of duplication of effort and the non-proliferation of Units/Group Awards and therefore it is recommended that centres with devolved authority tell us about the revision or development of AWDs, NCs, NPAs, HNCs, HNDs and PDAs. Centres must also seek SQA authorisation for the revision or development of any Units. SQA will either advise centres to proceed with Unit development/revision or will provide feedback on why a particular development/revision should not take place. Centres will follow normal validation processes for SQA validation of Units. Once Units are validated, centres will follow Group Award validation processes.

Note: Throughout the process of development, you should keep SQA informed of your progress by using the forms included in this toolkit. These forms fall into two categories:

The toolkit covers the general processes for developing and validating AWDs, NCs, NPAs, HNCs, HNDs and PDAs at all levels. If there are any queries on any aspect of the revision or development of these qualifications please contact the QPM Team.