Spirits Industry Vocational Qualification (SIVQ)

Spirits Industry Vocational Qualification (SIVQ)

This qualification can only be offered by members of the Scotch Whisky Association.

The Spirits Industry Vocational Qualification (SIVQ) is a competence-based qualification that has been developed and endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association and is awarded by SQA. It assesses the skills and knowledge you need to perform your job role effectively. It has been tailored to meet the skill needs of the spirit industry, and covers a number of activities including:

The qualification is made up of units, which you can select to customise the qualification for your site, your operations and workforce. The options available include specific competences for producing and finishing malt whisky, grain whisky, gin, vodka, and blended drinks.


As an Employer: This qualification can help you to increase skills levels in your workforce and allow you to demonstrate that your people are competent. It will help formalise procedures, strengthen employee confidence, and strengthen relationships between workforce and management, providing a positive experience and formal recognition for staff.

As an Employee: This qualification has been designed for people who work in the spirits industry who have already developed valuable skills but who may not have had these formally recognised. People who complete the qualification will receive a certificate awarded by SQA.

Delivering the SIVQ

If you would like to offer this qualification to your employees you will either need to become an SQA approved centre or work with an already established SQA approved centre.

The role of the centre is to ensure that the correct management structure is in place to support the delivery, assessment and internal verification of the qualification.

If you’re interested in becoming an approved centre, SQA will ensure that support is available throughout your journey. This will include having a Business Development Manager (BDM) as your one point of contact, who will guide you through each step of the process. Your BDM can support you with the policies, procedures and systems you’ll need to become an SQA approved centre, and will ensure that the process is simple and straightforward for you.

Assessment and Internal Verification is an integral part of the delivery of the qualification. For the SIVQ, assessors and internal verifiers are required to have occupational expertise in the parts of the qualification they are assessing/verifying. They should also, preferably, have or be working towards a recognised assessor/verifier qualification.

Your BDM is always on hand and happy to discuss what these options might be with you, and to ensure that we support you to select the most appropriate qualification for your business.

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