NQ CPD support requests

We are delivering a programme of Understanding Standards activity to help teachers and lecturers develop their understanding of the national standards required for assessment in National Qualifications.

Where any particular areas of concern are identified, which are not addressed by our Understanding Standards events or support materials, we will offer free continuing professional development (CPD) training, subject to request. CPD support is subject-specific and can be tailored to cover one or more qualification level. 

Please read the following information before submitting a request for CPD

Who can request CPD support and how is it delivered?

CPD requests should be made by the appropriate representative in your local authority, independent school or college. We will consider all CPD requests, subject to the nature of the request and the availability of resources. Where we can accommodate requests, we will contact the representative to agree the content to be covered and the most appropriate way for the support to be provided, eg by teleconference, video conference, webinar or event.

The CPD support will be provided by an experienced SQA Appointee, who will provide advice and guidance on the specific areas of concern that have been identified.

Can CPD support be requested for comment on candidates’ coursework?

No, it would not be appropriate for SQA Appointees to comment on candidates’ work. As part of their role, Appointees are involved in our Standardisation process, where they work with the Examining Team to finalise the marking instructions which are applied nationally for all candidates. 

How soon will training materials be published online following a CPD session and where can I access them?

Where appropriate, we will publish the associated training materials and/or webinar recordings for CPD support that is delivered through an event or webinar. We aim to do this within four weeks of the event or webinar taking place.

You can access these materials from our Understanding Standards web page.

Please note that where any confidential materials are discussed during the CPD session, the associated materials may instead be published in the Understanding Standards section of our secure website. You can access secure materials through your SQA Co-ordinator.

Will CPD support be possible during the main diet in May / June?

Yes, it will be possible, however the availability of SQA Appointees will be limited during these months due to their involvement in main diet procedures.

Submit a request for CPD

CPD requests should be completed by the requesting local authority, independent school or college. We encourage a collaborative approach with other centres as much as possible and this should be clearly indicated on the form.

To request CPD support, please complete and submit the following form:

Please note that all logistical arrangements for the agreed CPD will be the responsibility of the local authority or centre submitting the request.