PDA Community Involvement SCQF level 7

Professional Development Awards (PDAs) extend or broaden professional or vocational skills and are linked to National Occupational Standards.

The PDA in Community Involvement at SCQF level 7 covers the principles and practice of involvement in community capacity building and the social context in which capacity building occurs.

It also includes: skills in working with groups; the roles, responsibilities and expected behaviours of each member of the community group; funding sources and the typical criteria for application within a community-based setting; the importance of effective management of physical and human resources; and accountability for funds and resources.

This qualification is available through colleges, training providers and some employers. It has been designed to be delivered as a taught course and will normally be available as a combination of workshops and self-directed study.

Group Award code: GK6D 47

The PDA in Community Involvement at SCQF level 7 consists of three mandatory Units.

For further information on the units and structure of this qualification please refer to the Group Award Specification document.