Service level agreement

We offer support and advice when you need it and provide you with a dedicated business manager.

Gayle Rennie is our Business Consultant, she is excellent and really goes the extra mile! When I was drifting in and out of signal, the help that Gayle gave me that day was over and above what was expected. Gayle is a fantastic ambassador for SQA

Anneliese Archibald, Managing Director, Xtra-Mile

SQA will:

  1. Provide potential centres with supporting documentation outlining the requirements to be met before SQA Approved Centre status is granted.
  2. Provide telephone and/or face-to-face approval guidance to support potential centres through the application process. Your account manager will work with you to perform a quantitative check before the application is submitted to our Approvals team.
  3. Acknowledge receipt of a completed application form within one working day.
  4. Perform a qualitative check before passing the approval to the appropriate SQA representative to carry out a centre visit. The SQA representative will be appointed within seven working days.
  5. Contact the centre to arrange a suitable date for the visit(s) to take place within five working days of being appointed.
  6. Endeavour to provide centres with the outcome of the visit(s) within 10 working days of the visit.
  7. If approval is granted and once we receive the signed Centre Operating Agreement, we send a welcome pack by email with the centre number and any additional information (within five working days).

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