Level 2 Certificate Knowledge of Court/Tribunal Administration (GA30 54)

The level 2 certificate in Knowledge of Court/Tribunal Administration will develop knowledge   in areas including the Judicial System and Employment Rights and Responsibilities as well as skills in Customer Service.

This qualification covers the areas including how the judicial system is supported; understanding case file creation and management; customer service skills and understanding employment rights and responsibilities.

This qualification is available through Private Sector Training providers

This qualification is offered in England.

Qualification rationale and objectives


The qualification is designed to provide the underpinning knowledge for learners who work in, or aspire to work in the justice sector within a court/tribunal service context. The qualification is aimed at those who do not have any prior knowledge or experience of the Justice sector.

Learners can then build on the skills and knowledge gained from achievement of this qualification when working towards achieving another relevant qualification or gaining employment.

It is intended that the qualification will allow learners to develop a broad appreciation of administrative functions and procedures within the Court, Tribunal and Prosecution Services.


The qualification is designed to lead the learner to one or more of the following objectives:

  • Develop knowledge related to court/tribunal administration
  • Develop skills in court/tribunal administration
  • Develop skills in customer service
  • Achieve a nationally-recognised level 2 qualification
  • Develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning

Purpose of this qualification

The purpose of this qualification is to develop the learners’ occupational knowledge and competence in administrative functions and procedures within Court and Tribunal Services settings. Achievement of the qualification may enhance their career prospects of working in the Justice sector in an administrative capacity. 

The qualification can be assessed in the workplace/ in workplace conditions or in a classroom environment.

What does this qualification cover

As this is a knowledge based qualification, learners will be acquiring the knowledge and skills required through on-the-job experience or in a learning environment.

To achieve the whole qualification learners need a minimum of 13 credits.  You must complete the 4 mandatory units from the following structure:

Qualification Structure

  • Qualification title - SQA Level 2 Certificate: Knowledge of Court/Tribunal Administration
  • Qualification Level - 2
  • Credit value (TQT/10) - 13
  • TQT - 130
  • Guided learning hours (GLH) - 75
SQA code Regulator code Title Level Credits GLH
FC6M 54 K/601/6836 Understanding How the Judicial System is Supported 2 3 12
FC6N 54 A/601/6839 Understanding Case File Creation and Management 2 5 24
FC6P 54 M/600/3246 Customer Service Skills 2 3 24
FC6R 54 J/600/0840 Understanding Employment Rights and Responsibilities 2 2 15

Recognition, progression and further information

Who does this qualification suit

This qualification is suitable for :

  • Learners who work or aspire to work in the Justice sector

Entry to the Qualification is at the discretion of the centre. The qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above who are capable of achieving the standard required. There are no specific skills, knowledge understanding or other qualification(s) required before taking this qualification. 


This qualification is supported by Skills for Justice which is the Sector Skills Council for Legal and Justice sector.


Learners may progress from the Level 2 Certificate in Knowledge of Court/Tribunal Administration to  a range of Qualifications such as the  Level 2 or Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Court/Tribunal Administration (GA3T.68/ GG8P 79 respectively).

What approvals are needed

Centres must come forward for approval and should contact SQA’s Business Development Team for guidance.

Assessors and verifiers must be able to meet SQA’s general requirements for occupational competence as outlined in the Systems and Qualification Approval Guide.

Where can you take this course

Qualification content and delivery tools

Qualification Structure

The qualification requires the learner to complete 5 mandatory Units (28 credit points)  optional Units (13 credit points minimum).

Group Award code: GA3T 68 (41 credit points)

Regulator Code: 600/0041/7

Please refer to the qualification structure (60 KB) for more information

Unit specifications and Assessment Guidance

Unit specifications and Assessment Guidance for these qualifications are available on SQA's open  website. These are available from your centre’s SQA Co-ordinator. For further information, please contact mycentre@sqa.org.uk

How to assess

Ongoing course assessment will apply. Each Unit specification gives detailed information on the Evidence Requirements/Assessment Criteria and approaches to assessment for the Unit. 

Assessment strategy/Principle

Assessment Guidance document located on the exisitng SQA secure site.  Skills for Justice Assessment Strategy. 

Learner Guidance and Portfolio