Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Court/Tribunal Administration (GA3T 68)

The level 2 NVQ Diploma in Court/Tribunal Administration will develop knowledge and skills in areas including equality and diversity, receiving and progressing court/tribunal cases, as well as managing own personal development.

This qualification covers equality and diversity, receive and progress court/tribunal cases, collate and provide papers for individual court/tribunal cases, maintain court/tribunal records and managing personal development.

This qualification is available through Private Sector Training Providers and Public Sector Employers

This qualification is offered in England

What does this qualification cover?

As this is a competence based qualification, learners will be acquiring the knowledge and skills required through on-the-job experience or in a learning environment.

This qualification has a range of pathways/is linked to typical job roles that learners will encounter within the legal sector.

To achieve the whole qualification learners need a minimum of 41 credits.  You must complete 5 mandatory units (28 credits) and a minimum of 13 credits from the optional* units from the following structure:

* At least one optional unit must be from Group A

  • Qualification title - SQA Level 2 NVQ Diploma Court/Tribunal Administration
  • Qualification Level - 2
  • Credit value (TQT/10) - 41
  • TQT - 410
  • Guided learning hours (GLH) - 170
SQA code Regulator code Title Level Credits
FE85 79 Y/601/5312 Equality and Diversity 3 6
FE86 68 D/601/4808 Receive and Progress Court/Tribunal Cases 2 6
FE87 68 A/601/4847 Collate and Provide Papers for Individual Court/Tribunal Cases 2 6
FE88 68 D/602/5646 Maintain Court/Tribunal Records 2 6
FE89 68 F/600/9469 Manage Personal Development 2 4
Optional units - Group A
FE8A 68 T/601/4846 Allocate, List and Arrange Resources for Court/Tribunal Cases 2 5
FE8C 79 R/602/5630 Progress Requests for the Rescheduling/Adjournments of Court/Tribunal Cases 3 6
FE8D 68 T/602/5636 Ensure Attendance at Courts/Tribunals 2 6
FE8E 68 Y/601/3673 Address Applications for Legal Aid 2 6
FE8F 68 H/602/5647 Process Claims for Expenses Relating to Attendance at Courts/Tribunals 2 5
FE8G 68 H/602/5650 Coordinate the Provision of Jurors 2 5
FE8H 79 J/503/7389 Process the Outcomes of Court/Tribunal Hearings 3 6
FE8J 68 M/601/4876 Process Appeals Against Decisions Made by Courts/Tribunals 2 6
FE8K 68 T/601/4877 Administer the Collection of Financial Orders Levied by Courts/Tribunals 2 6
FE8L 68 H/601/4874 Respond to Enquiries Regarding Courts/Tribunals 2 8
Optional units - Group B
FE8M 79 T/601/2420 Develop and Sustain Effective Working with Staff in Other Agencies 3 3
FE8N 79 H/602/5468 Maintain Personal Security and Safety and be Alert to the Security of Others 3 7
FD1C 66 M/601/1511 Resolve Customer Service Problems 2 6
FE8P 68 L/502/4207 IT User Fundamentals 2 3

Who is this qualification for?

Learners may progress from the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Court/Tribunal Administration to the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Court/Tribunal operations. The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Court/Tribunal Administration can lead to employment as a legal adminstrative assistant or administrator, Civil Service or Crown Prosecution Service administrative assistant or payroll clerk, supervisor or manager.

Statement of purpose

The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop or consolidate the skills required by learners who are employed or aspire to work in legal administrative roles.

The qualification is assessed by completing a portfolio of evidence which details what learners have completed at work through a variety of evidence such as observation, professional discussion, witness testimony and supporting documentary evidence. The assessor can work alongside the learner to confirm that they have met the requirements of the qualification and that they are therefore competent in their role.

This qualification is assessed by completing various tasks to evidence what learners have learned, this can be carried out through practical assessment, knowledge-based questioning and online assessment. The assessor can then confirm that they have met the requirements of the qualification.

Competence is displayed through the assessor observing the learner demonstrate that they carry out their normal work activities competently and to the sector standard and comply with current legislation and procedures. The assessment process will ensure that the learner can complete the tasks that they have been directed to undertake and that they can interpret the instructions correctly. The will demonstrate that they can select the appropriate resources for the task. They will also demonstrate that they can complete tasks within the given timescales and specifications.


This qualification is supported by Skills for Justice which is the Sector Skill Council for the legal sector.

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Qualification structure

Please refer to the qualification structure (86 KB) for more information.

The qualification requires the learner to complete 5 mandatory Units (28 credit points) optional Units (13 credit points minimum).

Group Award code: GA3T 68 (41 credit points)

Regulator Code: 600/0041/7

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How to assess

Ongoing course assessment will apply. Each Unit specification gives detailed information on the Evidence Requirements/Assessment Criteria and approaches to assessment for the Unit.

Learner portfolio

Assessment strategy/principle

Assessment Guidance document located on the SQA Secure site