Where can I access past papers?

You can access past papers for National Qualifications using our Past Paper Finder.

How do I order a replacement certificate?

Replacement certificates can be arranged for a fee of £40.00 and this service normally takes between 2-3 weeks.

You can order your replacement certificate online at www.sqa.org.uk/eshop

The replacement certificate will show all qualifications and units you’ve achieved with us, also Core Skills, and SCQF credit points if these are applicable to your qualification(s).

How do I sign up to receive my results by email/text?

Learners studying National Qualifications can sign up to receive exam results by email and/ or text on MySQA.

You register using your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and activate your account once you receive the activation e-mail. After you activate your account, you will then have to select whether you wish to receive your exam results by email or text.

Please note: registration for MySQA closes a few weeks before results day, so make sure you register early.

How do I make a general enquiry to SQA for advice and guidance?

For general support and advice, please complete our candidate enquiry form.

How can I get study advice and information?

Our Study Guides and videos will give you hints and tips to help you when studying for SQA qualifications.

How do I find my Scottish Candidate Number (SCN)?

Your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) is displayed directly under your name on your certificate.

If you do not have your certificate you should complete the Candidate Enquiry Form, this will allow us to locate your records and provide you with your SCN

Alternatively, call us on 0345 279 1000 and we will confirm your details then provide you with your SCN Number.

How do I compare my qualifications with those in other countries?

We cannot provide direct comparisons between our qualifications and that of other awarding bodies within the UK or internationally.

However, you can download Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries (UK) or visit UK NARIC (International).

How do I change the name on my record or certificate?

Please note, if you currently attend school, college or are an SQA learner through your employer or training provider, then your centre has the responsibility to amend your record for you. Please ask your teacher, lecturer or employer/contact to update your record.

If you no longer attend school or college, and would like to update your SQA record, please complete and return our change of name declaration form and contact us directly. To enable us to process and update your record we require two copies of identification - one is required to be a link from your previous to your current name. Please note you do not need to send us the original documents; photocopies or scanned copies will be sufficient. You can scan and e-mail these documents to candidate records or send them by post to the following address:

Centre Support
Fourth Floor
The Optima Building
58 Robertson Street
G2 8DQ

Updating personal information - guidance for transgender learners

How do I change my address details?

If you are currently studying your school/college or training provider will have to change your address as this must be done by the centre who have registered you for the qualification you are studying.

If you are no longer studying, we will require more information to allow us to locate your Candidate record, please complete our Candidate Enquiry Form

We will then be able to complete your change of address.

How can I find out which centres offer the courses I'm interested in?

Contact your local school, college or training provider. Most colleges have this information on their website. You can also visit www.myworldofwork.co.uk
If you would like information on a specific course that we offer then please complete the Candidate Enquiry Form.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning is a method of assessing whether your experience and achievements meet the evidence requirements of a unit (or units) in an SQA qualification. This experience may or may not have been developed through a course of learning. For further information visit: SQA RPL Policy

Can I get any of my external assessment material back?

We provide a return service for non-examination material that has been submitted to us for assessment.

Before you make a request, please check with your school or college to see if materials were sent to us in the first instance.

For more information on this service, and details of how you can make a return request, please see the Request for Return of External Assessment Material page on our website.

Can I get access to my exam script?

SQA does not provide access to or copies of exam scripts, even if this is requested under Data Protection or Freedom of Information legislation.

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

A request for an examination is a request for personal information, which is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Data Protection Legislation

This legislation gives you the right to access the personal information that SQA holds about you. However, exam scripts are exempt from release.

You can find out more about your personal information on the Personal Information section on our website.

I've signed-up for MySQA, but not received my results by text or email. What's happening? 

Text and emails will be sent to candidates who have an activated MySQA account from 8 am onwards on results day. Please note that emails and texts cannot be re-sent.

If you registered to receive your results by text message or email, and have not received them, please contact your service provider.

NB If you are abroad, you will only receive a text if your phone is set up to receive messages abroad and if you have enough credit.

Check your spam/junk folder regularly, as delivery times from individual service providers may vary.

I can't see the English: Spoken Language component for National 5 English on MySQA.

This is normal. You will not see your English: Spoken Language component on MySQA. However, it is included as a recognition statement on your certificate and will say: The National 5 English Course includes a demonstration of skills in Spoken Language (Talking and Listening).

What are Foundation Apprenticeships?

Foundation Apprenticeships are a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) initiative, providing new, work-based learning opportunities for S5 and S6 learners. For further information visit.