Shelley's journey from SQA Advanced Diploma in China to an Accounting Degree in the US

Shelley Liu shares her study pathway, starting with an Advanced Diploma in her home country to achieving an Accounting degree at a leading university abroad.

What advice would you give to someone looking to do Diploma to Degree?

This is a good option for people who don’t want to study in a foreign country for a long period, and it will be a good transition for people who have no experience of studying abroad. But still, be prepared for tougher challenges when you are actually at a foreign country. English proficiency is an important factor, so just pass the test as soon as possible before going abroad. If you choose a University in UK, Graded Unit (GU) will be another important factor to consider. You have to work really hard to get minimum a B grade both GU1 & GU2. However, if you’re planning to go to the US like me, GU doesn’t count a lot. So just be ready for the English test and your other course grade evaluation.

When did you start thinking about your options for further and higher education?

I’ve been studying in the International school since my middle school, so I was aiming at studying abroad for the higher education from very beginning. However, I didn’t want to apply directly to a four-year university abroad like what my friends in high school did.

Where did you find the information that helped you make a decision?

I found SQA Advanced Diploma program from the official website of Xiamen University. Since Xiamen University is a quite famous University in China, so I trusted the option they offered. Indeed, SQA Advanced Diploma program was a good opportunity for students who want a shorter studying period in a foreign country.

Achieving an SQA Advanced Diploma

Where did you study, why and what did you like about it?

The International College of Xiamen University is the only centre that offers SQA Advanced Diploma in my city. That was why I chose to study in this centre. Studying an SQA Advanced Diploma in that centre is my most unforgettable memory. I like most instructors there, especially my accounting instructor. I should say that she really helped me get into and dive into this new field. Also, my GU instructor did a really good job on guiding me and revising my paper. It was like they were showing efforts on walking us through different tasks and finally made our dream come true. I was so glad that I have had a group of excellent instructors when I was in the centre.

Achieving a university degree with an SQA Advanced Diploma

Where did you study, why and what did you like about it?

The primary reason that I chose Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is because this is the only SQA Advanced Diploma-related university in Seattle, WA. Seattle has always been my primary option for studying abroad. That was why I chose PLU. And the fact is, I really like PLU, both environment and people here. I think I really made a right decision.

How was your overall experience? What are your plans for the future?

It was an awesome experience. I’ll be continuing my master’s degree in the University of Washington in the U.S. and preferably, I can continue to work here for the next two to three years for more experiences.

Note: The qualification achieved by Shelly Liu was an SQA HND in Accounting. In March 2018, SQA changed the name of their HN qualifications whereby the SQA HND is now known, outside of Scotland, as the SQA Advanced Diploma. The Advanced Diploma retains the same features of the HND in terms of the qualification aims, design principles, content and assessment standards.