Support Materials for Delivery and Assessment of Core Skills

Range of materials developed to support the delivery and assessment of Core Skills including examples of types of activities that could be used, learner work mapped to Core Skills Units and SCQF level.

Internal Assessment Reports

Useful Learning and Teaching Resources

There are several websites that contain learning and teaching resources that could provide help to those looking for material to support the delivery of Core Skills. Some of these materials are free while others you may need to pay for.

The following links are given as examples of the resources that are available. However, it should be noted that although these links are included here, from the SQA website, it should not be implied that SQA endorses the use of one learning and teaching resource or resource provider ahead of any other.

BBC Learning

BBC Learning, which includes BBC Bitesize, provides a variety of free material at different levels that may assist learning across many subjects, including Core Skills areas.

BBC Skillswise

BBC Skillswise offers free materials for adult learners including Communication and Numeracy topics

Khan Academy

Khan Academy allows free access to a number of short videos and computer marked practice questions including topics relating to Numeracy (see ĎArithmetic and Pre-Algebra section).


Jorum provides the opportunity to share a wide range of free education resources across most subjects delivered in FE.

iTunes U

iTunes U contains a huge range of free and paid for content across all sorts of subjects.


TRIBAL sell a range of materials which support learning in areas including employability and essential skills.

Prior Verification

Prior verification is a service that is offered, free of charge, to centres who devise their own instruments of assessment or who wish to significantly change items from the National Assessment Bank to suit their particular local/learner needs.

Prior verification is carried out by an SQA Verifier who compares the assessment materials against the Core Skills Units to determine whether they meet the required standards. Should you wish to have materials prior verified, please contact the Qualification Approval and Verification team, on 0845-213 5928, or e-mail:

Guide to Assessing Workplace Core Skills

Guide to Assessing Workplace Core Skills (624 KB) - helps centres understand how to assess Workplace Core Skills.

An Introduction to Core Skills for Community Learning and Development (CLD)

This information is designed as a generic introduction to Core Skills. The presentation itself is designed for delivery to Community Learning and Development/Adult Literacy and Numeracy practitioners who are interested in certification, particularly for candidates involved in Numeracy and Literacy programmes. Background and detail is provided which should help presenters flesh out their own presentation content in line with the content of the slides. It is hoped this approach will allow the flexibility to tailor the presentation to match the presenterís own style of delivery, the needs and interests of their particular audience and the time available for the presentation.

Making the Skills Connection to GET THAT JOB

LOGO:GET THAT JOBMaking the Skills Connection to GET THAT JOB is an exciting new development in the delivery of National Certificates. SQA has developed these new packs as part of our National Qualifications Group Award development programme, supported by the Scottish Funding Council, to help students to make the link between their studies and the skills required by employers.

Please follow the links below for further information and for details of how to order these packs.