Performance reports

Centres delivering National Qualifications can request a performance report if they have identified an issue with a particular candidate group performance in an external assessment.

As part of the performance report process, an experienced examiner will carry out an analysis of the candidate group performance in the external assessment. The resulting report will provide:

  • information on the general performance of the candidate group (but will not include details of an individual candidate’s performance or marks)
  • detail areas that candidates performed well
  • detail areas that candidates found demanding
  • make recommendations.

There are two types of performance report available:

  1. standard cohort (small centre, single class uptake, random selection of larger uptake)
  2. extended cohort (larger uptake, specific selection of candidates)

Note: The level of analysis in both types of report is similar. The difference in cost reflects the time taken to analyse and prepare each report.


The pricing structure for the reports is tiered, with a charge for a report covering one externally assessed component, and a charge for any subsequent externally assessed component(s). All components must be from the same subject, level and course.

Components Standard Cohort Extended Cohort
1st externally assessed component £494.00 £659.00
Subsequent externally assessed
component(s) – per component within the same subject, level and course
£180.00 £270.00

We will endeavour to support all requests for performance reports, subject to the availability of resources. Performance report requests cannot be fulfilled if candidate evidence has been returned to the centre or candidate as part of the ‘return of external assessment materials’ service.

The last date for requesting a performance report is 30 November 2019.

Following agreement to carry out a performance report, it can take up to six weeks to receive the completed report.

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