Your results will arrive by post on 10 August 2021. To make sure you receive your certificate on results day, check that your school or college has the correct details for you, including your correct name and address. If any of your personal details change, or are going to change over the summer, you must tell your school or college before you finish for the summer break. Your school or college will also receive your results.

If you have applied to a university or college through UCAS, they will also receive your results. If you don't receive your certificate on results day, contact your school or college immediately. They will be able to tell you your results and will work with us to find out what has happened to your certificate.

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Replacement Certificate Service

How to order replacement certificates, verification of results, course syllabuses and Credit Value Statements.

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Here we show you, in detail, what your certificate means and what else is inside your envelope.