National 3 Modern Languages

National 3 Modern Languages

This Course is valid from August 2013.

National 3 Modern Languages Courses develop literacy skills by giving learners opportunities to read, listen, talk and write in a modern language and to reflect on how this relates to English. These Courses enable learners to understand and use one of the following languages:

  • Cantonese
  • French
  • Gaelic (Learners)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin (Simplified)
  • Mandarin (Traditional)
  • Spanish
  • Urdu

Modern Languages homepage

Mandatory information

Course Specification

This explains the overall structure of the Course, including its purpose and aims and information on the skills, knowledge and understanding that will be developed.

Unit Specifications

These provide an outline of what each Unit will cover within the Course and detail the Outcomes and Assessment Standards.

Advice and guidance

Course and Unit Support Notes

These provide advice and guidance for teachers/lecturers on learning, teaching and assessment within the Course and its Units.

Assessment support

Past Papers and Marking Instructions

Unit Assessment Support

These documents contain details of Unit assessment task(s), show approaches to gathering evidence and how the evidence can be judged against the Outcomes and Assessment Standards. Teachers/lecturers can arrange access to these confidential documents through their SQA Co-ordinator.


Understanding Standards materials

We are publishing examples of candidate evidence with commentaries as part of our Understanding Standards programme. These materials are for teachers and lecturers to help them develop their understanding of the standards required for assessment. As these materials become available, they are being published in the following locations:

  • Available from our secure website Materials relating to Unit assessment, internally assessed components of Course assessment, and externally assessed components of Course assessment which are subject to visiting assessment. Teachers and lecturers can arrange access to these materials through their SQA Co-ordinator.
  • Available from our Understanding Standards website Materials relating to externally assessed components of Course assessment, with the exception of those subject to visiting assessment.

More information on our Understanding Standards programme, can be found on our Understanding Standards page.


Verification and Course Reports

In 2017, there was no verification activity at this level in French, German, Gaelic Learners, and Italian.
In 2016, there was no round 2 verification at this level. 
In round 1, there was no verification at this level for Chinese languages, Gaelic Learners, Spanish and Urdu.