Examination marking and certification services

Examination & Admin Services

Our Examination, Marking and Certification Services offer you the opportunity to have a distinct community of learners undertake an examination tailored to your needs. This is important when seeking to ensure that each learner’s knowledge is being measured to the same standard, each time.

Marking and certification also gives you the assurance and confidence that tried and tested quality assured processes have been used. This is important in verifying that learners have achieved the level of knowledge and skills required by industry standards and your organisation.

What we do

We will work with you to develop examinations that meet your individual needs, using experts from your industry sector. This includes:

All our services are designed to ensure a robust examination system that is tailored to your needs using industry-leading test development and delivery software.

Business benefits

  1. Having your learners knowledge tested and certificated by a leading authority.
  2. Freeing up valuable resources within your organisation – confident that services are being managed by an internationally recognised and government approved agency.
  3. Retaining a competitive advantage without the capital investment through access to industry leading testing software and new technologies as they develop.
  4. Enriching your organisation’s development and understanding through knowledge transfer from our specialist knowledge and expertise.
  5. Confidence that our services are subject to tried and tested, rigorous, and robust quality assurance procedures.

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