Transport - Freight

Transport - Freight

SQA offers Driving Goods Vehicles SVQs at Levels 5 and 6. These awards have been developed from the standards produced by the Sector Skills Council.

On this subject homepage, you will find information relating to the structure of each award and support materials. We hope that you find this information interesting and useful.

SVQ 3 Driving Goods Vehicles level 6 is designed for the specific vehicle that you drive, ie articulated or draw bar vehicles; rigid vehicles; and vans.

Important information: As of 1 September 2016, all SVQs with an established SCQF level no longer include the SVQ level in their titles. Please note that our web pages and documents will gradually be updated over time as the SVQs are reviewed, so may still contain the existing titles. More information on SCQF levels can be found on our SCQF web page.

National Progression Awards (NPAs)

More information can be found at NQGA Supply Chain/Logistics and Transport

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