Types of developments

Previously there were three types of development: consortium development, specialist collaborative development and specialist single-centre development. Following college regionalisation these have been reclassified to National development and Local development.

Existing Classification Revised Classification
Consortium developments are high uptake. These will include Group Awards and frameworks where centres have agreed to merge similar Group Awards into a single development. SQA will manage the review of these qualifications in partnership with the delivering centres. National Development (SQA managed and resourced development with SQA ownership of Unit and Group Award Validation)
Specialist collaborative developments are those specialist Group Awards which are offered by a small number of centres who have agreed to take forward their development on a collaborative basis. The group of centres will manage the development of these qualifications supported by SQA who will validate all Units.

Specialist single-centre developments are frameworks which are unique to local or niche markets. The centre will manage the review of these qualifications supported by SQA, who will validate all Units.
Local Development (Centre managed with centre or third party resourced development. SQA retains ownership of Unit validation with Group Award Validation devolved as appropriate)