Quality assurance: Feedback from an approval or verification visit

For centres to provide feedback following an approval or verification visit. Please comment on all aspects of the visit, helping us to evaluate and improve our processes. Please note comments may be discussed with Approvers/Verifiers.

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What type of visit was carried out at your centre?

Did you, or your SQA Co-ordinator, receive confirmation of the date and time that the visit would take place?

Did the visit go ahead on the date originally planned?

Did the Approver/Verifier give you a visit plan with clear details of what to expect from the visit?

Please rate your experience of the visit planning:

In your opinion, did the Approver/Verifier conduct the visit in a professional manner?

Did the Approver/Verifier answer your questions satisfactorily or offer to obtain a response to any questions that he/she could not answer?

Did you obtain clear feedback from the Approver/Verifier on the outcome of the visit?

If there was any non compliance with SQA's quality assurance criteria were you clearly informed?

Please rate your experience of the visit:

After the event, when did you receive the visit report?

Was the report consistent with the feedback given to you during the visit?

If any required actions were raised was any follow-up action recorded?

Please rate your experience of the visit report:

Do you have any suggestions which you feel could improve our service? If so, please specify. Please also inform us if you require any reasonable adjustments to allow your centre staff or learners to participate in quality assurance activities.

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