Qualification and system verification

Covid19 Arrangements

Due to the Covid19 contingency SQA have made the following changes to the Evidence Retention Schedule Requirements (146 KB) during this period.

Supporting the delivery, assessment and verification of SQA units, session 2021-22

SQA undertook webinars to provide further explanation on the 'Supporting the delivery, assessment and verification of SQA units, session 2020-21'. Video of the webinars has been uploaded to the document library. These webinars provided information on changes to quality assurance of Higher National and Vocational Qualifications, which were likely to affect your centre in session 2020-21.

Updated guidance has been released for session 2021-22 (456 KB).

Qualification and system verification explained

SQA ensures the integrity of certification by providing support and conducting verification to ensure centres can meet our quality assurance criteria.

As an SQA approved centre you must show that you continue to meet SQA's Quality Assurance Criteria as you deliver and assess your qualification(s). We routinely monitor all of our approved centres to ensure that they continue to have the necessary management and quality assurance systems, and that they meet the assessment and internal verification requirements for the qualifications being offered. This is known as verification.

Where a centre has not submitted any candidate entries for more than 12 months, this will impact on SQA's requirement to undertake both our Systems and Qualification Verification activity. Where this occurs, SQA reserves the right to withdraw that centre's approval. For more information, please refer to your SQA Operating Agreement that was completed during the approval process as this details what is required of an SQA approved centre.

There are two processes to meet SQA's verification criteria:

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