National 1 and National 2

National 1 and National 2 qualifications are set at SCQF levels 1 and 2 and are designed for learners who require additional support. They provide opportunities for learners to develop their knowledge and skills, and to have their achievements certificated.

For more information on our National 1 and National 2 qualifications, and to access the supporting documents, please follow the links below.

Summary of all National 1 and 2 units and courses (19 KB)

National 1 and 2 (Alternative Context Units)

Access the Alternative Context Units here


A number of awards are available at the same levels as National 1 and National 2 qualifications (SCQF levels 1 and 2), although they do not form part of the National 1 and 2 portfolio. These awards can be completed alongside National 1 and National 2 qualifications or they can be completed on their own.

Summary of all units within awards at SCQF levels 1 and 2 (15 KB)

More information on the range of SQA Awards.

Understanding Standards

Changes to published Understanding Standards materials

Please note: Understanding Standards material is regularly reviewed to ensure it is up to date.

Examples of candidate evidence and commentaries for unit assessment can be found on the SQA Secure Site. You can access these through your SQA Coordinator.