National 2

National 2 courses and units are set at SCQF level 2.

National 2 courses consist of three units, each of which is internally assessed as pass or fail by the teacher or lecturer. To achieve a National 2 course award, candidates need to pass all three units.

Courses and awards at SCQF level 2

List of National 2 courses

The following courses are available at National 2 level:

*Modern Languages covers French, Gaelic (Learners), German, Italian and Spanish

List of awards at SCQF level 2

The following awards are available at SCQF level 2:

National 2 freestanding units

The following units do not form part of National 2 courses, however they can be taught on their own.

Unit Specifications and Unit Support Notes for these units are available below. Unit assessment support packs are available from our secure website and teachers and lecturers can arrange access to them through their SQA Co-ordinator. Unit assessment support packs must be stored securely and treated as confidential. 

Unit Specifications

Employment Skills Unit Specifications

Refreshed Unit Specifications

Unit Support Notes

Employment Skills Unit Support Notes

Refreshed Unit Support Notes


Qualification Verification Summary Reports distil messages from verification activity from a given session. In 2020 not all planned activity took place, so reports have a more limited scope than in previous years.


Learners who achieve National 2 qualifications may progress to other National 2 units or courses, or to National 3 units or courses. They may also study for awards at SCQF levels 2 and 3.