National Qualification approval process 2017–18

Which qualifications do I need approval for?

Schools and colleges are automatically approved for some National Qualifications. 

You can see which qualifications your school/college is automatically approved for by checking your automatic-approval list on or SQA Connect.

Subjects which are not auto-approved:

How to apply?

If you would like to offer a National Qualification that is not on your automatic-approval list, you need to apply for qualification approval. You do this by:

Completing a qualification approval application  (1.07 MB)
Contacting our Business Development Team who send you an application and guide you through the process. 

When should I apply?

If you need the qualification added to your approval list for academic session 2017–18, with it being on candidates’ certificates in August 2018, we need to receive your completed application form by Friday 29 September 2017
A completed application is one which has been acknowledged and confirmed by our Business Development Team

Even though we will process forms we receive after 29 September 2017 as normal, there is a risk that the qualification will not appear on your approval list until the start of session 2018–19.

This situation occurred last session and alternative arrangements had to be made for candidates undertaking the non-approved course. Submitting any approval applications by 29 September 2017 will help to reduce this risk.


Further information is available on our Approval web page