About assessment arrangements

Assessment arrangements for 2020-21

The Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system is closed due to the cancellation of the 2021 National Qualification examinations. Centres do not need to submit assessment arrangement requests to SQA for National Qualifications in 2020-21.

You should continue to use the same assessment arrangements processes already in place in your centre to support candidates requiring an assessment arrangement for an internal assessment.

Please be aware of the following when considering assessment arrangements:

Guidance for centres on remote assessment.

If any of your candidates are disabled, or have additional support needs, and have been identified as needing assessment arrangements, please ensure that these are in place for each assessment and/or assignment. Where possible, you should follow your normal internal process for requesting assessment arrangements.

You should keep a record of your decisions and any evidence that supports them.

If you are in any doubt about whether a candidate is eligible for a particular assessment arrangement, or whether the assessment arrangement compromises the assessment or competence standards, your SQA co-ordinator should contact us as soon as possible. This will allow SQA sufficient time to give consideration to your request before the candidate undertakes the assessment. You should provide full details of the:

Contact: Assessment Arrangements Team.

Digital question papers

For session 2020-21, we are publishing digital question papers for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher on the SQA Secure website for all centres that need them (arrange access through your SQA Co-ordinator). These will be available by the end of April 2021.

Find out more about digital question papers.

What are assessment arrangements

Assessment arrangements allow candidates who are disabled, and/or have been identified as having additional support needs, access to appropriate arrangements to complete the assessment without compromising its integrity.

Principles and procedures you must follow when providing assessment arrangements:

Further guidance

A comprehensive school describes how they approached supporting candidates with mental health difficulties in SQA's National Qualifications.

Case Study on Mental Health (210 KB)