Digital Question Papers

Digital question papers (DQPs) are digitised versions of question papers for disabled candidates or candidates with additional support needs who may have reading and/or writing difficulties.

They are interactive PDFs to allow learners to answer question papers digitally and on screen. Not all accessibility features have been included to ensure these replicate the conditions learners and teachers would experience during the assessment period. It is not always possible to add accessibility features without compromising the integrity of the assessments.

Digital Question Papers guidance

Digital Question Papers (Past Papers)

2024 Digital Answer Booklets

A digital answer booklet (DABs) is produced to accompany a DQP when the question paper is a question-only paper. DABs are issued with DQPs and a list of 2024 DQPs and DABs is available. DABs can be downloaded using the link below.

Workbooks may accompany some question-only question papers and digital versions of these workbooks are only provided along with the digital question paper. They cannot be downloaded in advance as they contain confidential question content.

Gaelic medium DABs will be produced on request.

They can be downloaded for candidates to practise with and can be used in the 2024 NQ examinations as part of an approved assessment arrangement.

Download digital answer booklets.

Higher Accounting

No DAB is provided for Higher Accounting. Candidates using a digital question paper in Higher Accounting must use a spreadsheet or word processing package eg Microsoft Excel or Word to complete their responses digitally. A digital cover sheet must be completed and printed out to accompany the printouts of the candidate's responses.

National 5 Administration and IT

For National 5 Administration and IT a digital cover sheet is available for candidates who are using a digital question paper in the exam.

Generic Answer Booklet

Candidates using ICT to complete an exam may use DABs. For any exams where a DAB is not available, candidates using ICT may use the generic digital answer booklet, in Microsoft Word format.

Assessment arrangements templates and examples

The AA toolkit provides you with templates that you can use or adapt, and exemplars that have been shared by centres, to support the process of gathering, evidencing, and verifying AA requests.

Assessment arrangements toolkit

Further information on Digital Question Papers

Our Assessment Arrangements team manages the assessment arrangements request system and provides advice and guidance on assessment arrangements, including digital question papers. Phone 0345 213 6890 or complete our contact form.

Our NQ Assessment team produces and distributes digital question papers. Phone 0345 213 6805 or contact our NQ Assessment team.

We work in partnership with CALL Scotland (Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning) on developing digital question papers. CALL have a Adapted Digital Assessment website - providing advice and guidance to support you and your candidates in using digital question papers.