Skills development

Information to promote the skills learners develop alongside their subject-based studies.

See where they can be further developed through our qualifications, Core Skills and our National Courses and Awards. It is important learners develop these skills across the curriculum as they provide learners with the skills they require to be independent and have a successful future.

What are Skills for Learning, Life and Work?

What are Core Skills?

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Core Skills

A group of five skills key to learning and working in today's world - Communication, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology, Problem solving and Working with others.


Health and wellbeing

The ability to take care of yourself and others - including managing your feelings, developing a positive and active attitude to life, and building relationships with others.


Thinking Skills

The ability to develop the cognitive skills of remembering and identifying, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, and creating.



The ability to use numbers in order to solve problems by counting, doing calculations, measuring and understanding graphs and charts.



Literacy is the ability to communicate by reading, by writing and by listening and talking.


Employability, Enterprise and Citizenship

This is the ability to develop skills, understandings and personal attributes - including a positive attitude to work, to others and to the world’s resources.