Certificate in Policing at SCQF level 7

Certificate in Policing at SCQF level 7

The Certificate in Policing at SCQF level 7 provides learners with a qualification that will demonstrate their aptitude in this area. This certificate will develop the learner's confidence and awareness of the skills that they have acquired which they can use for employment and/or further study.

This qualification covers areas such as operational safety training, health and wellbeing for police officers, general police duties, conducting systematic searches, and roads policing.

This qualification is only available through the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan.

Why deliver this qualification

Supported by the Scottish Government, this competence-based qualification is part of the Modern Apprenticeship in Policing framework.

It enables the learner to demonstrate both underpinning knowledge and performance evidence of competence in a policing context.

This qualification is based on the most current version of National Occupational Standards, defined by the Sector Skills Council — Skills for Justice.

Candidates can progress to a range of courses at a higher level including the Diploma in Roads Policing Operations or the PDA in Police Service, Leadership and Management.

Who does this qualification suit

This Certificate is suitable for:

  • learners who are aged 18 years and over and who may have been out of education for some time


Entry is at the discretion of the Scottish Police College, Tulliallan, and is subject to the Police Scotland Probationer selection process.


Assessors and verifiers must be able to meet SQA's general requirements for technical/occupational competence as outlined in the Systems and Qualification Approval Guide. The specific delivery requirements are set out in the Skills for Justice Assessment Strategy, Competence Based Qualifications in Policing.

This bespoke competence-based qualification has been specifically developed for delivery by the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan, only.

How to assess

Assessment of this award will be through a series of theoretical and practical assessments or tasks. Conditions of assessment may vary between open and closed-book depending on the assessment task.

Where can you take this course?

Qualification content and delivery tools

Information about the qualification(s)

Qualification Structure

Group award code: GP3K 47

The Certificate in Policing at SCQF level 7 consists of 9 mandatory units. Please refer to the qualification structure (66 KB) for details on the units making up this qualification.

National Occupational Standards

Unit information for this qualification is available on our Unit Search.

Core Skills signposting

Core Skill mappings are carried out by the SSC responsible for the development of an SVQ. It is a requirement of SQA Accreditation that every SVQ submission includes information on where possible opportunities for candidates to develop Core Skills exist across the mandatory units.

Centres should note that mappings are not audited or validated against the Core Skills framework/units so are not accepted by SQA awarding body as evidence towards achievement of the Core Skills units.

Core Skills signposting (72 KB)

Awarding partnership arrangements

Qualification Partnership Agreement with the Scottish Police Authority.

Modern Apprenticeships

This Certificate is a mandatory component in the Level 7 Modern Apprenticeship in Policing.

Information about delivery, assessment, quality assurance and support material

Assessment strategy

Assessment Strategy (58 KB)

Assessor's guidelines

Candidate Guidance and Portfolio