Gathering evidence for provisional results

National Qualifications in 2021 will be awarded based on provisional results - teachers and lecturers will use their professional judgement of learner evidence to determine provisional results, supported by assessment resources and quality assurance.

More information about the alternative certification model.

Subject-specific guidance

Guidance on gathering evidence for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher is available from our NQ subject pages.

General guidance

National courses: guidance on gathering evidence and producing estimates (320 KB)

Provides general guidance on gathering and judging evidence, with a focus on quality rather than quantity of the evidence. The guidance was develped to support schools/colleges with estimates and has information and principles which may help when gathering evidence for provisional results.

Online course available

We also created an SQA Academy online course: Quality assurance of estimates for National Courses.

Remote assessment

Guidance for managing remote assessment of National Qualifications in 2020-21.