Gathering evidence for provisional results

The 2021 National Qualifications examination diet has been cancelled. National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications will be awarded based on provisional results submitted by centres. Teachers and lecturers will use their professional judgement of learner evidence to determine provisional results, supported by assessment resources and quality assurance.

For further information, see the latest updates from the National Qualifications 2021 Group in our News section.

Subject-specific guidance on gathering key evidence

We are publishing subject-specific guidance to advise on the types of evidence that can be used to determine a provisional result.

National 5 subject-specific guidance

Subject-specific guidance for National 5 is available on our NQ subject pages.

Higher and Advanced Higher subject-specific guidance

Subject-specific guidance for Higher and Advanced Higher will be published on our NQ subject pages between 18 and 29 January, as follows:


By Friday 29 January:

General guidance on producing estimates

We have refreshed our general guidance on gathering and judging evidence to support estimates for National Courses, with a clear focus on quality rather than quantity of the evidence.

National courses: guidance on gathering evidence and producing estimates (320 KB)

SQA Academy course

We have created an online course to provide further guidance on producing estimates and moderating estimates within centres. SQA Academy: Quality assurance of estimates for National Courses.