Gathering evidence and producing estimates

Each year, schools and colleges must submit estimate grades and bands to SQA for learners doing National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher courses. Teachers and lecturers determine estimates, based on evidence of learners' attainment throughout the course. Estimates represent their considered, evidence-based judgements of a learner's predicted final grade and are an important part of SQA's awarding procedures.

Evidence-based estimates will be used in three ways during 2021:

Guidance on producing estimates

We have refreshed our general guidance on gathering and judging evidence to support estimates for National Courses, with a clear focus on quality rather than quantity of the evidence.

National Courses: guidance on gathering evidence and producing estimates (290 KB)

Subject-specific guidance on the key pieces of evidence to support estimates will be issued on a rolling basis from the end of October.

SQA Academy course

We have created an online course to provide further guidance on producing estimates and moderating estimates within centres. SQA Academy: Quality assurance of estimates for National Courses.