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National 5 question papers

We are providing National 5 question papers and marking instructions that teachers and lecturers can use when gathering evidence for producing estimates in session 2020-21. Using these question papers is optional, as teachers and lecturers can also use other types of evidence when producing their estimates.

View more information on estimates.

How to use the question papers when gathering evidence

The National 5 question papers can only be used for assessment purposes by schools, colleges or other centres delivering National Courses. They can be used in different ways:

Centres can use the question papers however they choose. However, as stated in the recent update from the National Qualifications 2021 Group, given current public health advice, and to maximise learning and teaching time, there is no expectation that schools and colleges hold a formal diet of prelims for National 5 this year.

Please refer to our subject-specific guidance on gathering evidence to produce estimates, which is available from our NQ subject pages.

Accessing the question papers

National 5 question papers are held on the SQA Secure website, and teachers and lecturers can arrange access to them through their SQA Co-ordinator. When not in use, the question papers and marking instructions must be stored securely and treated as confidential.

The content of the question papers must not be shared or discussed online – including on social media – or in any other location where they could be accessed by unauthorised persons.

National 5 question papers are now available for all subjects.

Extracting content from question papers

How to create your own bespoke assessments in Windows 10.

Please note that following the method described in the videos will create assessment content that is not accessible to any learners who require to use assistive technology such as text or screen readers, or who use braille. For these learners please follow your usual method of creating accessible, internal assessments.

CALL Scotland provide guidance which may be useful when creating accessible assessments:

How to create your own bespoke assessments using Chromebook

How to create your own bespoke assessments using an iPad