NextGen: HN - Meta-skills

Next Gen HN courses will include the development of meta-skills as part of their core content. This is intended to complement vocational and technical aspects of each course and to give students personal skills for future leverage and articulation. The meta-skills framework consists of a number of generic skills to adapt and perform well regardless of context, and they cover development of self-management, social intelligence and innovation.

Employers, Lecturers and Training Providers have always helped learners to develop their meta-skills in one way or another, even if they haven’t used this term. By formally including meta-skills now, we can make this support much more visible, and learners will be better able to actively plan, recognise and articulate their personal development. Being able to do this is crucial for the lifelong acquisition of professional practice and behaviours.

The meta-skills model used in Next Gen HN is that developed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and the Centre for Work-based Learning Scotland. These are described in the paper Skills 4.0: a skills model to drive Scotland’s future.