NextGen: HN - Quality Assurance

External Quality Assurance

Driven by the changing profile of NextGen: HN qualifications, refreshed approaches to external quality assurance will adopt the best of our recent practice in this area.  Changes implemented due to COVID-19 have enabled a more partnership, professional discussion, and quality enhancement model of interactions between SQA appointed external quality assurers, curriculum teams and internal quality assurance.

We will focus on delivering change in the following ways:

We will introduce a more supportive, ongoing and progressive process of external quality assurance, whilst continuing to confirm that standards are being met and maintained in assessment practice.

We will work with centres throughout the year, with our external quality assurers (EQAs) engaging with course teams to support them in assessment design, delivery and decision making as it happens. This will likely result in EQAs having shorter but more regular meetings, both virtual and face-to-face, with course teams and internal quality assurers.

We will work to quality assure NextGen: HN qualifications at group award level, which aligns with assessment through integrated and larger-scale project work. We want to focus attention on assessment practice that best indicates a course team’s understanding of standards and reliability in making valid assessment decisions.