Becoming an SQA marker - Jillian's story

Our markers perform a role which is vital to the success of the exam diet. They ensure that candidates’ answers to the exams they sit are marked to a national standard, and within a specified timeframe.

Jillian, from Glasgow, has been teaching for 14 years and says marking for Modern Languages is the best form of CPD she’s ever done. She tells us more about her experiences and offers advice to people who are thinking of applying.

Why did you apply to become an SQA marker?

As soon as I was able to, after I started teaching, I wanted to mark. Before becoming an SQA marker I thought that markers were very knowledgeable about their subjects, and this was one of the things that inspired me. I wanted to feel more confident with the standards expected by SQA and deepen my knowledge of the exam system.

I also wanted to network and get to know other Modern Languages teachers across the country, and I have to admit the money is a nice bonus for the summer holidays!

What has your experience been like as an SQA marker?

The process to apply was very straightforward. You just fill in the application form online, noting your subject(s), levels taught and experience, as well as answering a few questions about yourself and your own experience.

When it came to marking for the first time, honestly, I was quite nervous. It was new and I was quite young at the time. However, once I had met my Team Leader (TL) I felt reassured and comfortable asking questions when I needed to or wanted a second opinion. Meeting other markers at the markers meeting and central marking event also made me feel much less nervous as everyone is in the same boat.

How has being an SQA marker benefited you?

Becoming a marker for SQA has benefited me in so many ways – it is the best CPD I have ever done! It has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the SQA exam system, gain invaluable experience, improve my teaching, network and make new connections.

What advice would you offer to someone considering becoming an SQA marker?

I would encourage anyone that is interested to apply as it will be fantastic CPD and will really improve your classroom teaching. You can also feedback your new deepened knowledge of SQA standards to your departments at school.

SQA has opportunities for markers across all subjects and levels, and full training will be provided. For further information, and to apply, you can visit our website or contact us with queries.