Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing

Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing

Within this sector SQA has produced Higher National Group Awards in the following subjects, for further information on each subject/Group Award please follow the appropriate the link:

Review of HN Advertising, PR and Marketing Award

The current Group Award codes for HN Advertising, PR and Marketing are:

  • HNC in Advertising and PR (GC84 15)
  • HND in Advertising and PR (GC85 16)
  • HNC in Marketing (GC81 15)
  • HND in Marketing (GC83 16)

More information relating to these awards can be found in the relevant sections above. Details of any amendments/updates to Assessment Support Packs (ASPs) in light of changes to these awards can be found in the news section below.

Please note: SQA has started the formal review of these awards to ensure that they continue to meet the demands of employers in the sector and remain attractive to learners wishing to progress to employment and/or Higher Education/further study in these and related sectors.  SQA will work with FE colleges and other key stakeholders over the coming period to review and update these awards, with a proposed implementation date of  August 2017.


Following an in-depth review to ensure that both traditional and digital aspects of marketing, advertising and PR are integrated,  SQA is pleased to announce that from August 2018 the following new awards are available:

The new HNC in Marketing Communications is common to both the new HN Marketing and new HND in Advertising and PR.  All units in these new awards are now available using HN unit search. Production of ASPs and SOLAR e-assessments is underway and will be available from summer 2018. To help prepare for offering these new qualifications, the Group Award (GA) specification documents are attached.

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