Digital Question Papers

Digital question papers (DQPs) are digitised versions of question papers for disabled candidates or candidates with additional support needs who may have reading and/or writing difficulties.

Digital Question Papers guidance

Digital Question Papers (Past Papers)

Data Booklets and Prescribed Texts

Where required, data booklets and prescribed texts can be downloaded in advance of any exams where digital question papers are being used.

Digital Answer Booklets

Digital answer booklets (DABs) are produced when a paper specific answer booklet is produced to accompany a question-only question paper. A list of DABs is available (39 KB).  DABs are provided along with the digital question paper or can be downloaded in advance. Other answer booklet types accompany some question-only question papers. Digital versions of these answer booklets are provided along with the digital question paper. They cannot be downloaded in advance as they contain confidential question content. Gaelic medium DABs will be produced on request. DABs can also be used by candidates for practice purposes.

Download digital answer booklets.

Higher and Advanced Higher Accounting

No DAB is provided for Higher and Advanced Higher Accounting. Candidates using a digital question paper in either of these exams must use a spreadsheet or word processing package eg Microsoft Excel or Word to complete their responses digitally. A digital cover sheet must be completed and printed out to accompany the printouts of the candidate's responses.

National 5 Administration and IT

For National 5 Administration and IT a digital cover sheet is available for candidates who are using a digital question paper in the exam.

Generic Answer Booklet

Candidates using ICT to complete an exam may use DABs. For any exams where a DAB is not available, candidates using ICT may use the generic digital answer booklet, in Microsoft Word format.

Case studies

These case studies show how two secondary schools implemented SQA's digital papers, the challenges they faced, and the benefits to school and candidates.

Further help or information on Digital Question Papers

Our Assessment Arrangements team manages the assessment arrangements request system and provides advice and guidance on assessment arrangements, including digital question papers. Phone 0345 213 6890 or complete our contact form.

Our NQ Assessment team produces and distributes digital question papers. Phone 0345 213 6805 or contact our NQ Assessment team.

We work in partnership with CALL Scotland (Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning) on developing and supporting digital question papers. CALL have a website dedicated to digital question papers, providing a wealth of advice and guidance to support you and your candidates in using digital question papers. Phone 0131 651 6235 or email or access their website at