Translator (Gaelic)

A Translator translates assessment materials, and if required, candidate scripts, into the specified language, in accordance with SQA policy and instructions, including the SQA publication 'Gaelic Orthographic Convention'.

These activities will be under the direction of staff from SQA's Qualifications and Operations business directorates as appropriate.

Outline of duties

Selection Criteria

Essential characteristics

Successful candidates must:

Desirable characteristics

Successful candidates should:


Key Performance Measures for Translators

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the Translator contract specification, the Translator will be measured against the following key performance measures and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance in that year.

  1. 1Complete duties within agreed timescales as per events calendar
  2. Quality Assure translation materials for external assessment in accordance with SQA policy and instruction
  3. Positive engagement with all members of SQA staff